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PUBLISHING PLAN 2024           Norway's Cycling Magazine

No. 52 - 1/2024

Deadline ads 09. February

Distribution 22. February


No. 53 - 2/2024

Deadline ads 05. April

Distribution 18. April

Free for advertisers
in the magazine

No. 54 - 3/2024

Deadline ads 31. May

Distribution 28. June


No. 55 - 4/2024

Deadline ads 02. August

Distribution 15. August

No. 56 - 5/2024

Deadline 27. September

Distribution 10. October


No. 57 - 6/2024

Deadline 29. November

Distribution 12. December


Cooperation between Styrkeprøven and Gruppetto.

Styrkeprøven is the biggest "Gran Fondo" race in Norway. This means that Gruppetto is the information channel for an additional 46.000 cyclists by the digital issue.


Gruppetto will 2024 publish 6 issues

Read about Norwegian and international cycling on various levels, and get the latest updates on athletes and events, in both road and mountain biking.


Gruppetto's content, which will in addition to the focus on bikes and equipment include stories from the major bike events, interviews with professional athletes and personalities. We will have expert advices on fitness and nutrition, and recommendations on good destinations for trainingcamps and cycling holidays.


We are a team of Norwegian and International journalists, photographers with long experience in the sport at home and abroad. In Gruppetto we will also publish stories by experienced and skilled reporters in the international bike press. Grupetto is reliable and exciting partner for the bike industry.



Sincerely - Gruppetto team

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